Letter to Jane Fundraiser

Letter to Jane Fundraiser Readers of the SPD site know that we're big fans of Letter to Jane, the magazine iPad app created by Tim Moore. So far there have been three issues of the iPad-only magazine, each bursting with visual creativity, exciting videos, cool photos, and interviews. What we especially love about Letter to Jane is the way it exists on its own, separate from an existing print product, and that each issue explores and expands the definition of what a magazine app should be.

Now after three issues, Letter to Jane is reaching out to readers and fans for financial support. They've started a Kickstarter page that for the next month will be raising money for issue #4. Like all great Kickstarter projects, Letter to Jane has upped the ante and supporters of the project get lots of bonus goodies... keep clicking for the video and links to goodies after the jump...

Supporters of Letters to Jane Issue 4 can pledge their support and in return get bonus gifts including anything from the original soundtrack EP just for Kickstarter backers to a copy of their original short film, to a chance to download the project sourcecode, so that more people can get started making their own indie-app zines.

Here's a video trailer that gives a good look at the visual aesthetic of Letter to Jane:

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