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Boston magazine The Boston Globe newspaper has been a fertile breeding ground for magazine designers. Richard Baker, Gail Anderson, Lynn Staley, and current Fortune design director Emily Kehe, among others, all cut their teeth in the Globe's newsroom. The latest Globe veteran to move to magazine design is Chin Wang, who has been the design director at Boston magazine since early 2010. Wang spent eight years at the Globe, designing everything from the weekend Metro section to the Sunday magazine. Since moving to Boston, Wang has given the magazine a sparkling new look, filled with powerful photos and illustrations and lots of graphic surprise and delight. Wang describes the magazine's look as "clean and elegant, inventive but not precious, clever but not too insider-y," and says about her staff that "what we don't have in budget, we make up for with enthusiasm and resourcefulness!"

After the jump, we've got a bright selection of some of the best recent work from Boston magazine, and Chin Wang and her team.

Boston magazine:
Design director: Chin Wang
Deputy art director: Alyce Jones
Senior designer: Liz Noftle
Photo editor: Scott M. Lacey

(Above): August 2010. Illustration: Lorenzo Petrantoni

8DunkinCity.jpgSeptember 2010. Illustration: DGPH Studios

10Happiness.jpgOctober 2010. Photograph: Adam Detour.

9GameBoy.jpgJune 2011. Photograph: Chad Griffith, typography: Jimi Crayon.

16Lockpicker.jpgJuly 2011. Photograph: Joel Benjamin.


February 2011. Photograph: Mitch Weiss.

20ToddEnglish.jpgMay 2011. Illustration: Hanoch Piven.

4BestOfBoston.jpgAugust 2010. Illustration: Lorenzo Petrantoni and Bruce Hutchinson.

17Masshole.jpgApril 2011. Photograph: Alex Gagne, typography: Mikey Burton.

11HerbChambers.jpgMarch 2011. Photograph: Chad Griffith.

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