Cover of the Day, November 9, 2011

Cover of the Day, November 9, 2011
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Welcome to The SPD Cover of the Day. We'll be posting our favorite covers every Monday and Wednesday. Stay tuned for the best and coolest magazine and newspaper covers, as selected by our stellar group of experts.

The New York Times Magazine, November 13, 2011
Editor: Hugo Lindgren
Design Director: Arem Duplessis
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Deputy Art Director: Caleb Bennett
Designers: Hilary Greenbaum, Sara Cywnar, Drea Zlanabitnig
Illustrator: Tim Enthoven

Today's cover is a sneak-peek at this Sunday's coming edition of The New York Times Magazine, featuring the story "The Human Swap: How a single Israeli came to be worth 1,027 Palestinians."

Says DD Arem Duplessis, "Tim Enthoven, the illustrator, did each and every one of the 1028 figures by hand!"

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