SPD 47: Luis Mendo's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Luis Mendo's Favorite Magazine Luis Mendo, Founder, Editorial Design Consultant and Designer, GOOD Inc. Amsterdam
Favorite magazine: IL -- Intelligence in Lifestyle
I've chosen IL because design-wise it fulfills everything I want to see in a mag: brave typography, great imagery and a strong personality. The design team has made something special out of what could be just another newspaper supplement. The recent re-launch has made it even better than it already was. The new typography feels familiar and the mag is now a better version of itself, a grown up where you still can see the child. And I am so fond of their weakest point: the paper. Although coarse, thin and cheap in the feel, the team of designers, pre-press and printers does its best with it. The result is very pleasant to look at, despite everything. I love the smell of it too, but that's another story.

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