SPD 47: Richard Turley's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Richard Turley's Favorite Magazine Richard Turley (SPD 47 Co-Chair), Creative Director, Bloomberg Businessweek
Favorite magazine: 'Sup Magazine
Music magazines are cursed by the paradox of musicians never having anything interesting to say, yet people asking them loads of questions anyway. And whilst I can't claim to have read everything in 'Sup, it's such a great-looking mag I have to buy it just to feel like I read it.

From an art point of view, the magazine is really about photography, which pushes you all over the place from crunchy black and white, color-saturated portraits, contingent still lives; it feels temporary, accidental, never forced, always fun. The design is out of the reductive school of trying to look like your not obsessed about the position of the headline even though you know there has been a lot of care going into each page. But the real skill is in the pacing. All the articles are very similar (interview plus photos) which can be tricky to manage, but there is real surprise when you turn the page and that sense of surprise and messing with the reader which I love in all great magazines.

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