SPD 47: Your Favorite Magazine

To get us ready for SPD 47: The Best in Editorial Design, Photography and Illustration, we've asked a lot art and photo directors from around the world to tell us the magazines or apps that they really love. The ones they can't wait to get their hands on, the ones that fire their creative spirit: you know, the ones that make you jealous, or supremely happy, or both.

Each day we'll be posting a different one, to give you an idea of not only the incredible creativity going on every day in magazines, but also the huge range of magazines that people look at.

And you know... it's surprising. It turns out we love a lot of different magazines, from all over the world, and that we are a curious bunch, us magazine people.

Check back with us on Monday for the first of many favorites to come. Enter your own favorite work in SPD by downloading the Call for Entries and all instructions and entry forms here.

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