SPD West: Unsung Heroes 4

SPD West: Unsung Heroes 4 "With Love, LA"

If you're hitting the Wednesday afternoon wall hard, we've got a dose of inspiration to get you sitting up a little straighter and back to work a little harder: five inspiring videos that kicked-off the presentations from our last Speakeasy West, Unsung Heroes 4. Ten amazing talents talked creativity and storytelling from a range of vantage points and experiences, inspiring all the Los Angelenos in attendance. So give yourself ten minutes of zen and follow us after the jump for your little dose of creative adrenaline this afternoon....

(Illustration above, "Pipe" by John Van Hamersveld.)

Photos above by Monique Michaels; click here for full captions.

Frank W Ockenfels 3 introduced us to Rylan Perry.

Rebeca Mendez introduced us to Roxane Zargham.

Jeff Divine introduced us to Will Adler.

Heidi Volpe introduced us to Scott Pommier.

Lawrence Azerrad and John Van Hamersveld discussed assignments, typography, design, illustration and the power of art to create iconic messages.

As ever, huge thanks to all our presenters and the Unsung Heroes, and the guests in Los Angeles who come out to make this a special night every time. We're so grateful to the team at Smashbox as well for hosting us and making us feel so at home and welcome, even as we dragged them away from all the work they were supposed to be doing.

But without a doubt, our biggest thanks of all to our West Coast Content Chiefs and Hospitality Heroes: Lisa Thackaberry, Carol LeFlufy and Charlie Hess, and Betsy Winchell, our Mistress of the Mac.

Unsung Heroes 4: "It's An Art Form to Actually Be Able to Do This." (Frank W Ockenfels 3)
Unsung Heroes 4: "Making Art About Art." (John Van Hamersveld + Lawrence Azerrad)
Unsung Heroes 4: "The Journey Is a Medium In Itself" (Rebeca Mendez)
Unsung Heroes 4: "That's Why I'm So Happy" (Jeff Divine)
Unsung Heroes 4: "I Love Talking to Photographers About..." (Heidi Volpe)

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