Holiday Party Treats!

Holiday Party Treats! We've had so many requests at SPD HQ about the delicious treats served at the close of the Holiday Bash on Wednesday, we wanted to share the info with all of you, so you can plot a pick-up of your own. So here's all you need to know about Bomboloni, those delicious treats:
In keeping with Italian design and consummate taste, Bomboloni's lusciously decadent bombolonis (Italian for donut - but nothing at all like Dunkin's) are available in an assortment of incredible gourmet flavors - from Meyer lemon and blood orange to toasted chocolate marshmallow and even chestnut. The flavor options are always on trend with the seasons and customer's latest requests. A box of 6 is available for a mere $7.00; a total must bring as we ramp up those holiday parties. Bomboloni has its home right at 187 Columbus Avenue.
Just in time for everyone on your NICE list!
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