SPD 47: Patrick Mitchell's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Patrick Mitchell's Favorite Magazine Patrick Mitchell, Pluto Media
Favorite Magazine: Interview
I rarely see this magazine in the SPD competitions-and have never been sure if it's been for financial or moral reasons. Whatever the reason, it's sad to not see Interview in the pages of the SPD annuals among the other recognized work. Since the return of Fabien Baron it's been consistently extraordinary. I admire the magazine because it doesn't try too hard. There's no FOB look, nor BOB look, no feature-well look. There's just an Interview look-from cover to cover. They know who they are and ok with it. I think Andy would be proud.

This post is part of the Favorite Magazines Project, part of SPD's PUB 47 Competition and Awards. Download the entry forms and be a part of the competition here.
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