SPD 47: DJ Stout's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: DJ Stout's Favorite Magazine DJ Stout, Partner, Pentagram
Favorite Magazine: Bloomberg Businessweek
The best issue of a magazine I've seen this year, or maybe in the last five years, was the Bloomberg Businessweek special edition on Steve Jobs. I was asked to speak at a national magazine conference, the UCDA Conference, in Phoenix about university and alumni magazines shortly after Steve Jobs passed away. I ended up showing every single page of this issue during my presentation. I used it as an example of how print publications can still be vital and significant to the global conversation. This remarkable issue, created in a record-breaking 17 hours, uses painstakingly researched news and archival photography, intelligent info-graphics and time-lines, witty and pertinent writing and even a glossary to tell a rich and meaningful story about a man who changed the world.

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