SPD 47: Matt Willey's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Matt Willey's Favorite Magazine Matt Willey, Studio8
Favorite Magazine: Eureka
Eureka is a monthly science magazine that comes with The Times newspaper (it is, in fact, the only reason I ever buy The Times). It's not my 'favourite magazine' (I don't know what that would be - probably something unlikely to win a design award) but it's brilliantly put together and it's brilliantly designed.

The Design is thoughtful and playful (and sometimes very beautiful) in the way it responds to its content. Intelligent and responsive in a way that somehow feels rare in mainstream newspaper publishing (in this country at least) these days. It makes the most of a fascinating subject matter and presents its ideas and information with what feels like an exciting and unrestricted confidence. I admire its ability to do fantastically dynamic graphically-led pages and be equally assured when doing something refined and simple. It manages that pitch-perfect balance exceptionally well. Everything seems so well considered - from the tiny details and page furniture through to the fantastic illustration and infographics (much of it done by the brilliant Nathalie Lees) and the use of photography. It's a stand-out example of how exciting and enjoyable a publication like this can be when in the right hands.

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