SPD 47: Tuomas Jaaskelainen's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Tuomas Jaaskelainen's Favorite Magazine Tuomas Jaaskelainen, Design Director, Bonnier Publications Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Favorite Magazine: Trendi
I chose a magazine called Trendi from Helsinki, Finland, a fashion/lifestyle magazine for young women. Trendi is in a tight spot in the Finnish market, competing against local editions of Cosmo and Elle. So far they have been doing great.

What makes Trendi stand out is its unique design. It is very brave and uncompromising for a mainstream publication. The attention to detail is remarkable. The small design team is having a lot of fun with their pages. Trendi is a great reminder of the importance of creating a distinct visual language in order to make a magazine successful.

is published by Forma Publishing. Recent news says that their parent company is on the block. I hope that Trendi finds a good home. It deserves that.

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