SPD 47: Donna Braggins' Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Donna Braggins' Favorite Magazine Donna Braggins, Rogers, Toronto
Favorite Magazine: The Walrus

Choosing a favourite magazine has to be as tough as choosing a favourite friend. I'm always impressed by how many good magazines Canada produces in a market that measures about the same as one American state.

Magazines also have such diverse, distinct personalities and I enjoy their design for many for different reasons. But I've chosen a magazine that does what my favourite magazines do well - engage me with images and text that share the job of making ideas come to life. I think the best magazines showcase a strong collaboration between editor, writer, and art director, designer that makes everything work together with a distinctive and entertaining voice.

The Walrus has a very quiet design style that makes text accessible and sets the stage for strong imagery, whether photography or illustration. It's structure is simple and restrained but effective and it allows the voices of the illustrators and photographers to be as powerful as the writers that define the magazine.

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