From the Desk of ... Deb Bishop

From the Desk of ... Deb Bishop Welcome to FTDO (From the Desk of...), a new series that answers the question "What IS all of that crap on your desk?"

Up first, Deb Bishop, CD of More magazine...

1) What's your favorite book in this stack? It's a cross between The Ecstasy of Things and A Visual History of Typefaces. Obsessed with both.  

2) Kettlecorn? Really? Busted.

3) Who are you wearing today? 
Prada boots (hard to tell, I know) and "whatever" leggings.

4) F.U. is not generally thought of as a warm way to greet visitors. Is that a Canadian thing? 
Those are beautiful tiles I got at John Derian. They only had those two letters left. :)  They didn't have an "A" to put with it. That would have been the Canadian version.

5) Who's she? Both pictures are of Kaitlyn, my daughter, who is off to art school this September. I also have a daughter Izzy who is 12.

I'm surprised you didn't ask what's in "the Random crap from here and there box?" Some things you just don't ask a lady. Um, okay, what's in the box?





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