From the Desk of ... Steve Hoffman

From the Desk of ... Steve Hoffman
Welcome to FTDO (From the Desk of...), a new series that answers the question "What IS all of that crap on your desk?"

Up next, Steve Hoffman, partner at Hoffmannoli, and former long-time CD at Sports Illustrated.

1) Terror seems to be a theme at your desk. What gives?

My morning coffee has usually worn off before I get to the studio, I find that a jolt of terror is an effective and healthy pick-me-up. The 'terrifying' poster on the right is a enlargement of VU magazine from 1933. I believe Alexander Liberman was the art director there.


Two more terror details (below): My son Dexter with mutant ears, and me crushing my pup.


2) I always wondered who was working on the Sphinx. Do you not have a deadline on this one?

Don't know about the Sphinx, but that's me sitting on the steps of the pyramid. If a client comes, I run to the top. 


3) What are all those words stuck on your monitor?

Your basic senior reminders. My phone number, my kids names etc.

4) Moses of Maine?

Not to seem dog obsessed, but my Moses was my wife Suzanne Noli's first dog. He is in doggie vacationland heaven now.


5) Your pup appears to be plugged into a socket. Is he/she a hybrid?

An amatuer designer mistake not to Photoshop out the task lamp. My dog Knight is a trusted assistant in need of some contacts.


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