Pub 47: What Happened in 2011?

Pub 47: What Happened in 2011?
Riots? Civic disorder? Few nations running out of money? Some hurricanes, a tsunami and an earthquake or two? Kim Kardashian probably did something. 

Who really cares? All we care about is which typeface the New York Times Magazine used in their redesign ('Cheltenham Condensed' interestingly), how Time and Newsweek crop a picture, and the scrolling permutations on the Nook Wired app (What is a Nook by the way? Can someone let us know? We really need to know). 

Anyway, this is why SPD was invented. Way back when some dudes who made magazines got in a room and felt the need to reward themselves for doing so. Nearly 50 years later THIS SHIT IS STILL GOING ON. And why? Because in this time of economic turbulence and emotional uncertainty we need real focus on these key issues. Typefaces and photography and user experience matter. And they need to be judged and placed in an order to ascertain importance. And this judging NEEDS to be judged by people who get paid lots and lots of dollars to choose a picture and place it on a page. And these are the people who couldnt think of a good excuse not to do it chosen. 

8,000 entries. Laid out on 12 tables. 3 days of intensity. Feel for them.

Luke Hayman, Partner, Pentagram 
Jeremy Leslie, MagCulture
Richard Turley, Creative Director, Bloomberg Businessweek 

Robert Newman, Creative Director, Reader's Digest

Scher Foord, Special Projects Director, Style & Entertainment Group at Time Inc. 
Joe Zeff, President, Joe Zeff Design

Thomas Alberty, Design Director, New York Magazine 
Florian Bachleda, Creative Director, Fast Company
Dirk Barnett, Creative Director, Newsweek
Gail Bichler, Art Director, The New York Times Magazine
Jaap BiemansFounder, CoverJunkie
Debra Bishop, Creative Director, MORE
Marissa Bourke, Creative Director, Elle (UK)
Monica Bradley, Photo Editor, Scientific American
Alyson Cameron, Design Director, Condé Nast Editorial Development Group
David Carthas, Director of Photography, Bloomberg Businessweek
David Curcurito, Design Director, Esquire
Jennifer Daniel, Information Graphics Director, Bloomberg Businessweek
Carl DeTorres, Principal, Carl De Torres Graphic Design
Steve Duenes, Graphics Director, The New York Times
Brendan Dugan, Creative Director, Sup
Robert Festino, Creative Director, Men's Health
Francesco Franchi, Creative Director, IL
Janet Froelich, Creative Director, Real Simple
David Griffin, Visuals Editor, The Washington Post
Emily Kehe, Design Director, Fortune
Geraldine Hessler, Design Director, Glamour
Elizabeth Hummer, Design Director, Harper's Bazaar
Arthur HochsteinPrincipalArthur Hochstein Design
Brandon Kavulla, Creative Director, WIRED
Grace Lee, Design Director, O, the Oprah Magazine
Francesca Messina, Senior Group Art Director, McGraw-Hill Construction
Brian McMullen, Art Director, McSweeney's
Chris Mueller, Deputy Art Director, Vanity Fair
Courtney Murphy, Creative Director, Good Housekeeping
Jennifer Pastore, Photo Director, Teen Vogue
Judith Puckett-Rinella, Director of Photography, Vanity Fair
Luise Stauss, Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine
Casey Tierney, Photo Director, Real Simple
Gael Towey, Chief Creative Officer, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
James de Vries, Creative Director, Harvard Business Review
Jan Wilker, Partner, Karlsson Wilker

Josh Clark, Designer, Developer, Author
Mike Burgess, Managing Partner, BMB Tab; former Creative Director, Project
Marisa Gallagher, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital
Neil Jamison, Design Director, Money Magazine
Steve Motzenbecker, Director of Design and User Experience,

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