SPD 47: Andrew Horton's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Andrew Horton's Favorite Magazine Andrew Horton, Creative Director, Billboard
Favorite Magazine: LOVE

What's not to love about LOVE magazine? Fantastic production values, brilliant typography and a collection of some of the funniest fashion photography on the stands. Seriously, every issue I've picked up has had a photo essay or fashion spread that has made me laugh out loud; it's transgressive, of questionable taste and gorgeous. This particular issue has a series of Terry Richardson shots of Liza Minelli which was worth the cover price alone.

What I appreciate most, though, is its heft. You get a lot of magazine for the money. You could easily knock out a copy-editor with this thing. Aerodynamically, it's not the most sophisticated missile, so don't try throwing it at the interns. They're much too nimble. But the next time someone tries tracking in your carefully kerned copy, stamp over to their desk and get your backhand ready. LOVE it.

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