SPD 47: Carla Frank's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Carla Frank's Favorite Magazine Carla Frank, Creative Director, Cooking Light Magazine
Favorite Magazine: Vogue Gioiello

Vogue Gioiello (translate Vogue Jewel)--is a gem!

This Italian edition pays homage to the cover as a poster.  Each is extraordinary, unpredictable, sophisticated and somehow innocent. They have a certain oddity that captures the eye, like all great art does.

Remember when covers for magazines did not follow intensive online market testing and get all same-y? Super-fun!

The typography throughout is slightly awkward, even clumsy. Interestingly, because it's  coupled with sophisticated subject matter and slick sometimes conceptual photography, it triggers a mish-mash of emotional response that somewhere between insider-trade magazine-bohemian-gloss. What a fabulous crash!

Now I only wish I could actually read it.

I can feel it though the paper = rich as cream!

Bravo Bravo!!!

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