SPD 47: Rob Hewitt's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Rob Hewitt's Favorite Magazine Rob Hewitt, Design Director, Conde Nast Traveler
Favorite Magazine: Monocle

Monocle magazine, published out of London, England has set the standard for what smart navigation and immersive magazine making has come to be. The design is so compact that it almost seems like non-design (if there is such a thing). They've managed to utilize the page in a way that makes it seem very easy to find each story on the first pass yet find something new on the second or third. The photography -- like the design -- is very clean and journalistic in a friendly way. The throwback-style illustration is brilliant and creates a unique contrast to how global, and sometimes serious, the coverage can be. Ironically it's all produced under the discerning eye of Tyler Brulé (a Canadian) who seemed to have the journal size of a tablet in mind from the outset.

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