SPD 47: George Karabotsos's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: George Karabotsos's Favorite Magazine George Karabotsos, Design Director, Men's Health and Women's Health Books

DON'T HATE ME! My fave magazine? Please! I've been in the publishing business way to long to have a simple answer to that question.

Yesterday it was one magazine; last week, another; and last month it was definitely an old issue of FMR that I came across in my partner's studio. And for those 20 minutes, FMR was the only thing that mattered in the entire world. Amazing photography. Simple, elegant layout. Content that thrilled and titillated. You don't know FMR? An Italian art magazine that showcased art from around the world, but they specialized in more obscure artists. They introduced me to many artists I never knew about (Like Romaine Brooks; American portrait artist from the 20s). Yes, I'm using the past tense on purpose...they ceased publication. No more.

You can always Google "FMR" and we'll chat at the next SPD Gala.

Speaking of finding things online, a constant new source of design inspiration comes to me currently from eBay: OLD MAGAZINES! The crazy stuff they did in the '60s, '70s, hell, even the '80s. Check out these spreads from Family Circle (excuse my bad photography). Turns out we have a whole collection at home of old Family Circles. I've spent way too many hours with them....

So, for all those folks that hate me for being so retro...I'm ALSO really loving some of the cool things magazines are doing on the iPad, and other digital devices, these days. There's some totally cool stuff out there that takes the 2D of the printed page and throws you into a multi-dimensional world, way beyond anything print could do. Let's hand out a few more SPD awards for these innovative guys!

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