SPD 47: James de Vries's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: James de Vries's Favorite Magazine James de Vries, Creative Director, Harvard Business Review Group
Favorite Magazine: Vogue Living Australia

There are lots of fun magazines in Australia. And happily there is a resurgence of independent and creatively different magazines being published.

Frankie Magazine is building a really dedicated following http://www.frankie.com.au/ it seems to have tapped a new energy and a non-traditional female demographic. Monster Children Magazine http://monsterchildren.com/magazine/ is lots of fun and new indie magazines like Collect Magazine are looking beautiful, http://www.collectmag.com.au/

My favorite is more about what magazines do better than anything else; the ability to connect with a 'club' of readers, to tantalize and transport them through imagery, words and unspoken style. It's Vogue Living Australia, an interiors, travel and food magazine that is really a magazine about beauty. A throwback to the idea of luxury being an inspiration for all. Finely edited and assembled, it is a high point of commercial magazines in Australia because it proves the power of the medium. I'm looking forward to Vogue Living grappling with their digital future. If they do it well, a whole new world of readers opens up to them.

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