SPD 47: Jean Snow's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Jean Snow's Favorite Magazine Jean Snow, Founder, The Magaziner
Favorite Magazine: Brutus

When I first moved to Japan over 10 years ago and started digging into the Japanese magosphere, Brutus was one of the first titles I latched on to, and it introduced me to the idea of entire issues that focus on a theme. Sure, this wasn't a new notion, but it was interesting to me how so many of Japan's culture magazines used this, and how these themes really ended up touching on sections beyond the feature well. Brutus continues to do this, and although I won't check out every issue, I will pick it up if it's a topic I'm interested in, like the current issue's "Mellow Out" theme, which points us to some of Japan's best spots to take in a coffee or drink, accompanied by a soothing soundtrack. It was also one of the first mainstream magazines I encountered that regularly included beautiful inserts using a different paper stock  in the current issue, it acts as a pull-out guide to the featured spots.

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