Joe Kimberling, 1966-2012

Joe Kimberling, 1966-2012 Very sad news: art director Joe Kimberling passed away Thursday after a tough battle with cancer. Joe was the brilliantly talented AD of Los Angeles magazine for much of the 00s. Before that he provided a huge amount of the sparkle in Entertainment Weekly's design. Numerous memories and tributes are on view at Joe's Facebook page. And the full extent of Joe's design talent is on display at his website. Joe was an astonishing graphic design force, filled with ideas, originality, and an amazing ability to assign the most wonderful illustrations. On top of that, he was the nicest, sweetest person to work with, someone who spread joy in all directions.Michael Picon, who worked with Joe at Entertainment Weekly, said it perfectly on the Facebook page: "You made every day so damn fun."

UPDATE: Los Angeles magazine has nice tribute, plus samples of Joe's work.

UPDATE 2: Illustrator Jody Hewgill has collected a set of illustrators' remembrances of working with Joe, plus a powerful selection of pieces that he assigned.

Photograph by Debra DiPaolo

  • Lucky 11 Studios

    The editorial design community definitely lost a great. Thoughts and prayers with Joe's family and friends. His work will live on to captivate and inspire.

  • Robert Newman

    Los Angeles magazine has a great tribute to Joe, plus samples of work from his time there:

  • francesca messina

    Even though I've only been to LA once, I subscribed to Los Angeles and devoured every issue under Joe's brilliant design direction. His work was incredibly inspiring. I'm so saddened by this news.

  • Beth

    Bob, thank you for creating such a gorgeous tribute to Joe, so fitting for a such a beautiful person. I know he would have given it a big thumb's up...once you'd done his tiny tweaks. I remember all the laughs we shared--getting giddy playing You Don't Know Jack at 1 a.m., cracking up over another Lemon-ized story, writing totally inappropriate display and being grossed out by his dried food collection. (Sorry, Pee Can, you and your pal Michele can stick with your story, if you want. I'm not buying it.) On the flip side, Joe offered so many fine ideas, cool layouts, great headlines and major moral support from his veal fattening pen, even after I became the close Nazi. ("When's that layout going to be done, Joe?" "Bob's already approved it, Beth." Music to my ears!) He was a pro, whip-smart and amazingly creative. He was also truly kind, generous and hilarious as hell. I'm so glad we reconnected on facebook, enjoying the Puppy Bowl from opposite coasts. What a huge loss for all of us. I couldn't even cry yesterday, I was so numb. Not true today. RIP, Joe. I send you love. Beth

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