SPD 47: Michael Bojkowski's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Michael Bojkowski's Favorite Magazine Michael Bojkowski, Linefeed
Favorite Magazine: Little White Lies

Picking just one mag is hard. My mag addiction gone kind of 'meta' of late. I've been going through phases of following certain art directors and editorial teams, so my faves have been flipping about. There are constants though and Little White Lies is the only magazine I've re-subscribed to year upon year. Even when I went to Australia for a year, I made sure I was getting my bimonthly fix.

Why Little White Lies above all else? Let me count the ways... Firstly the editorial format is so well considered, the way the mag is divided into chapters--I heart that. Secondly, it looks like nothing else. The imagery contained within borrows, not from other magazines, but from the vast history of visual culture, using cinema as it's starting point. The use of illustration over photography not only solves the problem of dealing with the over-photoshoped hell that is the modern movie marketing gumph but also contributes to it's unique and vibrant feel.

It's one of those mags that I don't want to imagine the world without. It's a rare gem of a mag that suggests it should be collected and coveted. It is also the very antitheses of the throw-away culture mainstream magazines have cultivated and has become their un-doing. Long may it, and the team behind the title at Church of London, survive and prosper.

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