SPD 47: Violetta Boxill's Favorite Magazine

SPD 47: Violetta Boxill's Favorite Magazine Violetta Boxill, Editorial Design Organisation, London
Favorite Magazine: Eye

OK, I admit it. Undivided magazine loyalty evades me. It always has.

To me, magazines are like food. Different publications satisfy different needs on different days in various periods of my life.

That said, I have do have reoccurring cravings and Eye is one of the titles I revisit.

Many magazines on Graphic Design excessively focus on showcasing the talents of the publication's art direction. Eye understands and resists this trait.

Although multiple stocks and special inks are the norm, they are used to celebrate and aid the content providing a beautifully restrained but highly produced platform. Layouts have this understated confidence born from brilliant, unexpected and thoroughly researched content.

It's beyond fashion. Encyclopedic in nature but accessible in spirit. You don't manically devour

Eye, you quietly savour it.

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