Who Got an iPad Today?

Who Got an iPad Today? Everybody knows that today is the day that Apple's third-generation iPad arrived in stores (and on front porches). Were you one of the lucky ones? If so, give us your instant review (in the Comments after the jump) ...

  • Tim Moore

    I've been really happy with how apps hold up on the new iPad. I've been working on an update for mine all day and it didn't take much work to really improve things so I'm very happy with how things will look going into the future. I posted a couple comparison shots tonight of the app in low res / high res: http://lettertojane.com/post/19437624703

  • Joe Zeff

    We put the new iPad — I mean, The New iPad — through its paces in the studio this morning. For what it’s worth, what we thought:

    1. 768×1024 magazine pages look no better or worse on the higher-resolution screen. For publishers, there’s no penalty for continuing to produce pages at this resolution — they look just as good or bad on The New iPad as they do on the iPads 1 and 2.

    2. 1536 x 2048 magazine pages, such as the Vogue issue that came out yesterday, are significantly sharper on The New iPad than on the old. Whether the difference is worth the increased weight of the app is a strategic decision for publishers. The 768×1024 version was 277 megabytes. The 1536 x 2048 version was 412 megabytes. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite allows you to publish both resolutions, and the proper issue is downloaded to the proper devices automatically. Pretty slick. What isn’t slick is that the publisher needs to render each edition twice, at the higher and lower resolutions, complicating the workflow.

    More online: http://joezeffdesign.com/testing-testing-1-2-3/

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