Magazine of the Year Finalist #1: TIME

Magazine of the Year Finalist #1: TIME On Friday, May 11, at the SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Magazine of the Year. Over the next two weeks we'll be running previews of each finalist, building up to the big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow @SPDtweets on Twitter with #SPD47. 

The first of the seven finalists for Magazine of the Year is TIME, design director: D.W. Pine.

(Above): TIME, December 26, 2011. Design Director: D.W. Pine.

Time07.jpgCover: September 19, 2011

Time04.jpgCover: November 28, 2011

Time02.jpgPhotographs by Peter Hapak

Time03.jpgPhotograph by Peter Hapak

Time05.jpgPhotograph by Phillip Toledano

Time06.jpgPhotograph by Jamie Chung


Photographs by Marco Grob

The TIME visuals team:

Design Director: D.W. Pine
Designers: Christine Dunleavy, Thomas Miller, Victor Williams, April Bell, Emily Crawford, Andree Kohlmorgan, Ryan Moore, Julie Moburg, Lon Tweeten, Heather Jones
Director of Photography: Kira Pollack
Photo Editors: Paul Moakley, Patrick Witty, Phil Bicker, Natalie Matutschovsky, Marie Tobias, Crary Pullen, Neil Harris, Myles Little, Erica Fahr Campbell
Coordinator: Skye Gurney
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Stengel

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