Save The Date!

Save The Date! The SPD 47 awards gala is nearly here.

All SPD members will be receiving their invitations through the post soon. Be sure to book your seats and tables quickly as space is limited.

This year the invite doubles as a handy guide to award ceremonies in the form of an oversized and frankly unwieldy poster which seemed like a GREAT idea in March. Then in April when we took delivery of them from the printer and the boxes took up the entire SPD office ... and then we realized we needed to order bigger envelopes... and then post them ... and then also pay for the extra postage. So maybe a less good idea in April. But anyway, in March, GREAT IDEA. And we did it because we wanted to give everyone something special, a thank you for supporting SPD, and a reason to get as excited about the gala as we are.

So look out for that in the mail and BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW.


No seriously. NOW.

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