Cover of the Day: Friday Edition

Cover of the Day: Friday Edition Thumbnail image for COTD_Icon2.jpgWelcome to SPD's Cover of the Day, a portfolio of brilliant magazine and newspaper cover design from around the world.

TIME, May 21, 2012
Art Director: D.W. Pine
Photography: Martin Schoeller

  • miterim

    what dah fuck is that....

  • miterim


  • Darrell

    This is a great cover and this is what editorial is all about,causing dialogue.

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Got milk?

  • Lucky 11 Studios

    With as much national media coverage as this cover has been getting the past two days I think it's safe to say it's a huge win for the TIME design team. Nice work Mr. Pine & Schoeller. SPD awards are tonight, but looks like you've already won. -)

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