Magazine of the Year Finalist #3: GQ

Magazine of the Year Finalist #3: GQ On Friday, May 11, at the SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Magazine of the Year. Over the next two weeks we'll be running previews of each finalist, building up to the big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow @SPDtweets on Twitter with #SPD47. 

The third of the seven finalists for Magazine of the Year is GQ, design director: Fred Woodward.

(Above): GQ, August 2011. Design Director: Fred Woodward

The GQ Visuals Team:

Design Director: Fred Woodward
Art Director: Thomas Alberty
Designers: Chelsea Cardinal, Benjamin Bours, Jason Sfetko, John Munoz, Andre Jointe, Michael Pangilinan, Delgis Canahuate, Daniel Boone
Director of Photography: Dora Somosi
Photo Editors: Krista Prestek, Justin O'Neill, Jesse Lee, Paloma Shutes
Creative Director: Jim Moore
Editor-in-Chief: Jim Nelson

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