What a Howler: The Match Day Program for Your Tablet!

What a Howler: The Match Day Program for Your Tablet!
Just in time for a busy weekend on the soccer calendar the team behind the much anticipated US Soccer magazine Howler have released a tablet only match day program for the upcoming Brazil-Argentina friendly at the Meadowlands on June 9th. The program dubbed Turnstile is produced by the hardest working design team in the biz Priest and Grace and is a preview issue of sorts to Howler....

  • Illustration by Jeffery Smith
    Illustration by Jeffery Smith


Editor in Chief (and former Forbes editor George Quraishi) says it showcases the "type of writing and art" that promise to be found in Howler when it is launched later in the year. 

"For us, the benefit [of Turnstile] is to show our readership a polished, engaging app that demonstrates our ambition for Howler in a way that simply describing our vision for the magazine could never do."

The Howler project is an independent venture and you can contribute to its success today via its kickstart site, check out the promo video for more details and download your free issue of Turnstile today.

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