An Olympic Feat

An Olympic Feat 28 issues in just over a month. Over 1500 pages. For Art Director Chris Barker and the team who designed the official Olympic and Paralympic daily,it was a long, rewarding summer. Not all of us were lucky enough to make it to London this year, but we were able to get some issues to share with everyone. Check out some of the great programs after the break.

Chris Barker and his team produced an issue for each day of the Olympics and the Paralympics. Sold at the Olympic venues, the magazine was built mirroring the events of the day, covering the morning events up front and progressing through the day in a timeline format. 

Creative Team:

Art Director: Chris Barker
Senior Designer: Tom Chase
Designers: Graham Greig, Rob Baalham
Picture Editors: Richard Lawrence, Dominique Cambell, Jenny Quiggin

Group Art Director: MartinTullett
Creative Director: Paul Harpin
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