People Magazine covers Newtown

People Magazine covers Newtown People Magazine's Design Director Andrea Dunham on their extraordinary year end cover.

Dunham: This is the last cover of the year. It was supposed to be our annual year end issue called "The Best and Worst of 2012": a big fun entire issue dedicated to mirth and escape. But last Friday there was no escaping the brutal horror and heartbreak of the senseless loss of a staggering number of our babies and loved ones, as it became instantly clear each victim was one of our own families in our hearts and will remain so forever. Therefore the editors of People and myself as Design Director, with heavy hearts but with all genuine good intention, made our cover story a mourning but celebration of the lives each of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. We hope that those of you who trust our integrity will get past the grief you'll feel at the sight of these innocent young faces, and read our very moving portraits of survivors, extraordinary heroism, unfathomable heartbreak and the beautiful lives they led. We wont forget them. I certainly won't be able to."

  • Doug Bartow


  • Neil Jamieson

    the horrific act itself, or the cover? not sure i follow Doug?

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