Bespoke Magazine No. 1: Gather Journal

Bespoke Magazine No. 1: Gather Journal
The term "bespoke" has traditionally applied to men's apparel. Today it is increasingly used in reference to modern-day items such as computer software, bicycles, luxury automobiles and, yes, magazines.

For the 48th SPD Pub competition and gala, Co-chairs Courtney Murphy and Marshall McKinney sought to acknowledge the "bespokeness" that adds interest to our increasingly homogenous world.  It is the bamboo bike builder in Brooklyn, the artisanal chocolatier in Des Moines, and more than we might realize, publishers both large and small that are creating customized publications with an emphasis on individuality.

Download your PUB 48 competition entry form here and get involved.

Our first bespoke pub that you might not yet be aware of: Gather Journal --a bi-annual, recipe-driven food magazine devoted not just to cooking and eating, but to the art of bringing of people together. 

Gather was founded in the summer of 2012 by Editor Fiorella Valdesolo and Creative Director Michele Outland (formerly of Domino and Martha Stewart).

A shared love of food and cooking, and a desire to create a magazine worth keeping, for inspiration and otherwise. Its pages come to life with amazing cotton candy creatures created by Crystal Hanehan and shot by Gary Gold. Who can resist a sugary confection of seahorses, narwhals and octopi?

A true meal to remember: Fun writing and lush imagery from some of the country's most esteemed food photographers. Nicely packaged with department chapters such as: amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts--along with regular special features, from studied examinations of ingredients to whimsical essays about memorable eating experiences. 


Download your PUB 48 competition entry form here and get involved. The deadline for regular entries is Jan 11th but we will be accepting late entries (there is an additional fee for these...sorry!) until Jan 25th
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