Bespoke Magazine No. 16: Treats!

Bespoke Magazine No. 16: Treats!
For the 48th SPD Pub competition and gala, Co-chairs Courtney Murphy and Marshall McKinney sought to acknowledge the "bespokeness" that adds interest to our increasingly homogenous world, celebrating publishers both large and small that are creating customized publications with an emphasis on individuality.

The deadline for entries has passed but we'll be announcing winners at the end of February once we've tallied the results from the judging this weekend. Don't forget the gala is May 10th (save the date!), more details to come soon

The next bespoke pub you may may not be aware of: Treats!.

Their team which includes art director Dirk Barnett shed some light after the jump

Treats! Is for Photographers by a Photographer.

We were inspired to create a never-before-seen publication in the U.S. - aimed at a sophisticated and creative unisex audience - that artistically captures and celebrates the beauty of women as nature made them, without the demeaning harshness of how other mainstream publications have portrayed them.

As a 21st century model for what the new print medium can be, treats! is the ultimate marriage of magazine and coffee table book, a luxurious, hand-crafted, limited-edition, advertiser-restricted, premium publication without peer - the first of its kind to challenge and elevate the concept of what a completely sensualized publication can be.

While treats! reframes the abstract notion of "tasteful nudity" as delicious disrobement, where aesthetically-pleasing nakedness meets a highly-stylized sense of artistic vision, the treats! editorial follows that same logic. Our editorial content is thought provoking, disturbing, scrutinizing, entertaining and always honest.

Steve Shaw, Founder/ Editor-in-cheif; 
Dirk Barnett, Art Director

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  • Aero Windwalker

    I like Treat! magazine.

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