Bespoke Magazine No. 3: People Magazine Specials

Bespoke Magazine No. 3: People Magazine Specials
For the 48th SPD Pub competition and gala, Co-chairs Courtney Murphy and Marshall McKinney sought to acknowledge the "bespokeness" that adds interest to our increasingly homogenous world, celebrating publishers both large and small that are creating customized publications with an emphasis on individuality.

Download your PUB 48 competition entry form here and get involved.

The bespoke pubs profiled here are the one-shot special issues produced by the team at People Magazine

These unique issues are outside of their run of 52 weekly issues and are produced with unique content including custom design, typography, photography and illustration. They are aimed at a more targeted audience than the regular issue and are timed to coincide with a particular event (the holidays, a movie release...the One Direction invasion!). True, these issues sell extremely well and its tough to think of a magazine produced by a publishing giant as particularly "bespoke" but in our mind the very fact that these are produced by the hard working weekly team is exactly what makes these specials fit the bill. The mission of these special issues is different from that of the weekly mag and the design reflects this. The art director has to exercise a whole new set of design muscles to produce something truly custom which is also in-keeping with the tone and voice of its parent publication. Over the course of a year People magazine can produce almost a dozen stand-alones  (including People Country, a celeb holiday entertaining guide and more) all unique and we think all pretty special!

Design Director: Andrea Dunham

Photography Director: Chris Dougherty

Associate Art Directors: Keir Novesky (Twilight, The Hunger Games); Nicole Mazur (One Direction)

Designer: Karen Werling

Senior Associate Photo Editor: Jessica Bryan (Twilight, The Hunger Games)

LA Photo Editor: Gladees Prieur (Twilight)

Assistant Photo Editor: Rebecca Ney (One Direction, Hunger Games); C Tiffany Lee Ramos (Twilight); Michele Stuven

Contributing Photo Editors: Kristy Jell (One Direction);  Su Smith (One Direction)

Photo Researcher: Breonca Trofort (Twilight)

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