Bespoke Magazine No. 6: Sports Illustrated Presents

Bespoke Magazine No. 6: Sports Illustrated Presents
For the 48th SPD Pub competition and gala, Co-chairs Courtney Murphy and Marshall McKinney sought to acknowledge the "bespokeness" that adds interest to our increasingly homogenous world, celebrating publishers both large and small that are creating customized publications with an emphasis on individuality.

Download your PUB 48 competition entry form here and get involved.

The next bunch of bespoke pubs you may may not be aware of: Sports Illustrated Presents, the "specials" unit of Time Inc's Sports Illustrated.

The design team, lead by Creative Director Craig Gartner are responsible for over a dozen bespoke issues a year. The magazine's mission is similar to that of People Magazine's Specials (profiled last week). They target a smaller/more niche audience than their parent publication, they are produced quickly, they have a unique design, typography and voice and because many issues are for the collector (and thus the production run is much smaller than the weekly issue) these issues can be produced using different printing techniques and physical packaging (their 2012 Sportsman of the Year material for example came in this really cool custom box, see above).  Similar to People, SI's Presents group are able to maintain the look and feel of SI but the designers use an entirely different skill set. Their issues are commemorative, they celebrate championship wins, anniversaries and icons but they also have custom-pub clients (who need something unique and fast!). 
Fun fact: commemorative issues celebrating league wins and record achievements need double the amount of production at SIP. Why? They produce 2 issues (more or less) for both out comes of the big game (to make sure they are covered if either team win) on the cutting room floor you'll find a Patriots Superbowl XLVI cover, a Thunder NBA championship issue and who knows...maybe even a Notre Dame BCS title cover (okay that last one may be a bit of a stretch...but you never know!?

Editor: Kostya Kennedy  
Creative Director: Craig Gartner   
Deputy AD: Karen Meneghin  
Photo Editor: Jeff Weig   
Asst. Photo Editor: Kari Stein
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