PUB 48 Standard Rate gets an extension

PUB 48 Standard Rate gets an extension
Good news for those of you who weren't quite able to squeeze in under the standard rate deadline for competition entries today. We've managed to adjust our online entry system to delay the late fee until Tuesday Jan, 15th. It looks like an amazing year's worth of entries. Huge amounts of incredible work flooded in this afternoon in (as you may know if you were able to get through to the staff at HQ...our phone-lines were as jammed as the mail box!). This volume may have slowed things down a bit so to accommodate your efforts the least we can do is give you an extra few day. Hope this helps, keep 'em coming. (note: the late fee deadline remains Jan 25th)

Download you entry form here ..disregard the old standard rate deadline.

PUB 48 is going to be a ground breaker, thanks for all your hard work!

  • Which category is for responsive interactive design available on all Android devices?

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