Cover of the Day: Wednesday Edition

Cover of the Day: Wednesday Edition
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Sports Illustrated, April 17, 2013
Creative Director: Chris Hercik
Photographer: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

We spoke with CD Chris Hercik about SI's powerful cover of Monday's tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon. 

Monday is our closing day and the cover needed to ship by 7pm.  At 4pm the entire staff gathered and it was decided that the Boston Marathon tragedy would be this week's cover.   We immediately shelved the existing cover story and began putting together this cover with the reporting and photos that were streaming in.   We chose this powerful image of the fallen runner (78 year old Bill Iffrig) and the police in the aftermath of the bombing.  It was one of the first images we looked at.  If you look at the news footage, you can see the photographer in the lower right hand of the screen as the explosion goes off and the runner falls.  We kept the cover lines really simple.  The image said it all, you didn't need any other words.   

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    Truly powerful image of a sad event. Great cover.

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