REDBOOK: Completely Reimagined

REDBOOK: Completely Reimagined
In April, the 110 year-old Redbook was reinvented with a fresh editorial vision and a radical redesign. The CD Holland Utley began by designing a new, all-lowercase logo- the first logo change for Redbook in thirty years. That was just the start. 

The cover has been entirely revamped, with the cover star now sharing real estate with eye-catching visual cover lines. Inside the magazine, pared down "single idea" pages replaced busy, multi-itemed layouts. Bright color panels & shapes now anchor titles & images, and many pages are free-form with no grid.
The extreme popularity of the "50 Under $50" shopping section, which Utley designed after arriving at Redbook in 2010, motivated a major expansion of beauty and fashion coverage, which now makes up 50% of the magazine's editorial content (up from 30% in the previous version), while relationship and parenting tips have been eliminated. This exciting, stylish reboot was driven by the desire to create cleaner pages that translate well on digital devices.
Below are a few sample pages.

Thumbnail image for Redbook4up_2013_w580.jpg

Creative Director: Holland Utley
Editor in Chief: Jill Herzig
Redesign Freelancer: Frank Augugliaro
Photography Director: Bruce Perez
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