A Fresh Look for Martha Stewart Living

A Fresh Look for Martha Stewart Living
The newest issue of Martha Stewart Living is on newsstands now, featuring a brand new look for its July/August issue. Redesign Consultant Cybele Grandjean led the project, bringing on board Kevin Brainard, Jenn McManus and Jaspal Riyait, all key players in the redesign of Condé Nast's Brides last year. The team worked closely with the editorial staff to create a magazine that feels like a modern handbook. It features a clean, book-like design that emphasizes the stunning images and how-to information that Martha Stewart is known for, while modernizing its visual approach.

Some features include:
• A brand new typographic direction, including modern serif, sans serif, stencil, and typewriter fonts.
• Less typography on images 
• The introduction of illustrations and line-drawings to a historically photo-driven magazine.
• The repackaging of the back of the book as the "How-To Handbook", featuring visual lessons, sidebars, home-keeping content, and more.
• A refresh of the "Good Things" section featuring looser photography, line drawings, and text tips.
• A Clean, idea-driven cover with photography by Marcus Nilsson. 
• A modernized logo in which the original double-story "g" was restored and a no-longer-needed outline was removed.

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    Very elegant, clean, fresh. It seems that stencil type is having a revival, and I like it.

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