Hallowed Ground: A Civil War Mag 150 Years in the Making

Hallowed Ground: A Civil War Mag 150 Years in the Making
July 1st marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the bloody battle of Gettysburg in which soldiers from the Union and Confederacy fought non-stop for three days in Pennsylvania. We at SPD value our American history and what better way to contribute to the commemoration of the battle than to profile a recent redesign of the The Civil War Trust's magazine "Hallowed Ground". The Civil War Trust is a wonderful charity who help purchase and preserve historic civil war battle fields to protect them against development. The design director of their magazine is Jeff Griffith who in his day job serves as Creative Director of advertising and marketing at US Men's Health. A self confessed Civil War nut, Jeff walks us through his recent redesign of Hallowed Ground after the jump.



Jeff Griffith: I'm currently Creative Director of Advertising/Marketing at Men's Health magazine but in my spare time (nights, weekends and days off), I design HALLOWED GROUND, the magazine of the Civil War Trust who helps purchase, preserve and protect land where Civil War battles occurred in the US. Most battlefield land is NOT protected by the National Park Service. 
Circulation is about 60,000+ and is mailed to all members of the Trust. 




My first step in the redesign was to take the magazine focus away from becoming just another history publication with old engravings and paintings that this audience have seen before and place emphasis on the land that the Trust is saving. I've searched high and low finding talented scenic photographers (amateur, semi-pro and professional) who are as passionate about the Civil War as I am. I now have photographers approaching me for assignments. 





Although it would be very easy to design every page as an old 1800s design, I've evolved the magazine to be much more contemporary while still paying homage to the old look and typography. Members donate millions of dollars to the Trust. The magazine needs to feel current, interesting, informative and, dare I say, entertaining to the diehard history buff.




Executive Editor: Jim Campi
Editor: Mary Koik
Creative Director: Jeff Griffith
  • marianne campbell

    stunning! great work Jeff

  • Kim Patterson

    Wow! Photography is amazing!!!!!!!! Love the layout!!! Having this magazine would be like having a piece of priceless ,cherished history. It is beautiful, every page:)

  • Everything about this is awesome.

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