Cover of the Day: Wednesday Edition

Cover of the Day: Wednesday Edition

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Welcome to SPD's Cover of the Day, a portfolio of brilliant magazine and newspaper cover design from around the world.

Porsche Panorama Magazine July  2013

Creative Director: Richard Baron

Photographer: Jeff Zwart
Editor: Pete Stout

  • andrew

    This is truely art. Let me know when I can buy the print!

  • DLeong

    This was an excellent cover. I realize it is teamwork, but it starts at the top, and Pete deserves a lot of credit.

  • matt gineo

    Jeff Zwart truly has the eye! Nice job by all involved!

  • Didier Moinier

    Congratulations Team Panorama, very well done job. I love the new format and the cover is brilliant.
    Keep on the good work.
    Didier Moinier

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