SPD + DPS = Success

SPD + DPS = Success Many thanks to Adobe for offering free training of Adobe DPS Single Edition to a roomful of SPD members this week in New York City. Over two hours, the class learned how to use the creative tools within InDesign to produce interactive content for apps. Thanks as well to The Huffington Post  for offering up space for the training, where SPD created a mac computer lab.  See photos after the jump...

Eric Rowse, Adobe Solutions Consultant, energetically led our members through the hands-on session.

Here's what the attendees had to say:

"Eric really knew how to methodically explain the process, the steps, the terminology. The ability to do all the steps in InDesign, with just the new palette "Digital Publishing" was so exciting!"

"I found it to be a helpful jump start to working with DPS as I had not had any prior experience with it. I thought the instructor was completely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The setup was good, having software already loaded and functioning on the supplied laptops."

"Small intimate group, able to ask questions or ask for something to be repeated. Great setting/environment."

Adobe DPS Single Edition
is included with subscriptions to Creative Cloud.  It provides designers with an intuitive way to create and deliver iPad apps using familiar Adobe InDesign skills.  Learn more HERE.  Keep an eye on the SPD site for future Adobe events for our members.

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