2013 SPD Holiday Gift Guide

2013 SPD Holiday Gift Guide
The holiday season starts early this year, thanks to a rare Hanukkah in November. The elves at SPD have been busy gathering a swell set of holiday gift books that will make the perfect present for your favorite art director, photo editor, illustrator, photographer, or other visual person. We've got books big and small, in all shapes and sizes. And because we believe in keeping the X in Xmas, there's even a (seriously altered) version of the Holy Bible! Best of all, if you purchase your books through the BUY NOW link under each item, a portion of the sale will go directly to SPD.

There have been a lot of cool books released this year with visual themes, and we may have missed your favorites (or the ones you really want to get for presents). Please add your choices to the comments section at the bottom of this page.


Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters 
Remixed and Reimagined

By Mike Joyce

Over 200 posters of actual punk rock gigs, reimagined in Swiss Modernist 
style by CD and music graphics designer Mike Joyce. Best of all, the posters are 
perforated so you can tear them out and hang them up!
-Robert Newman, Newmanology

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Type Only

Type Only celebrates a current trend in typography: type unsupported
by illustration or photography. In other words, typography and
letterforms on their own. Through the work of around 100 graphic
designers from around the world, Type Only explores the communicative
and emotive power of type when used in isolation.
-Richard Turley, Creative Director Bloomberg Businessweek

Designing News: Changing the World of 
Editorial Design and Information Graphics

By Francesco Franchi

A rich, insightful look at visual storytelling in magazines and newspapers 
across multiple platforms, with case studies by Richard Turley of 
Businessweek, Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects, 
Steve Duenes 
of The New York Times, and many more. Written 
and designed by 
Francesco Franchi, the art director of IL.
- Robert Newman, Newmanology


Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to 
the Comic Book Universe
By Tim Leong 
If you're a fan of infographics, or want to see the pet project of a brilliant 
designer with too much free time, check out Tim Leong's 
Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe, which dissects 
everything from Marvel and DC to TMNT and Scrooge McDuck.
- Todd Weinberger, Creative Director Inked


The Best American Infographics 2013
by Gareth Cook 

160 pages of inspiring infographics from newspapers and magazines that opens one's 
eyes to the many creative ways to design with data, ranging from sensational to 
senseless! Bonus: Introduction by David Byrne of Talking Heads!
-Joe Zeff, Joe Zeff Design

The Modern Magazine: 
Visual Journalism in the Digital Era

By Jeremy Leslie

This book is a visual feast, filled with contemporary magazine design examples 
from around the world. With a focus on independent publishing, it presents great, 
imaginative, passionate magazine-making by people in love with their craft.
- Robert Newman, Newmanology

Power to the People: The Graphic Design of the Radical Press and the Rise of the Counter-Culture1964-1974
By Geoff Kaplan

A look at the underground press of the 60s and early 70s, with over 700 images 
of papers and magazines like the San Francisco OracleThe Black Panther
The RealistBerkeley BarbThe Great Speckled Bird, and many more. With lots
 of creative imagery and typography and split-fountain ink usage.
- Robert Newman, Newmanology


My Favo(u)rite Magazine

Top magazine makers around the world have contributed essays and images 
of their favorite magazines for this wonderful look at the history of editorial design 
and photography.  All proceeds benefit Bob Newman's donation fund

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SPD Design Annuals

By The Society of Publication Designers

Give the gift of the best in editorial design, photography, illustration & digital.

Inside the Red Border: A history of our world, 
told through the pages of TIME magazine

By the Editors of Time Magazine

A visual history of Time magazine as seen through its covers, 
with interviews and behind-the-scenes stories. Elegantly 
designed by former Time art director Arthur Hochstein. 
- Robert Newman, Newmanology

Humans of New York

By Brandon Stanton

A photo collection based on the popular Tumblr page featuring portraits 
taken on the streets of New York City.

The Monocle Guide to Better Living

By Monocle

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.43.55 PM.png
Viviane Sassen: In and Out of Fashion

By Charlotte Cotton, Nanda Van Den Berg
Viviane Sassen books are so collectible, the short runs of her limited
edition books sell out in days and escalate in value.
This one seems to be constantly available. Don't let its ubiquity put
you off though, she is one of the greatest photographers working, her
influence on contemporary photography is remarkable.
-Richard Turley, Creative Director Bloomberg Businessweek

Christopher Wool

By Eric Banks

Wool's early stencil paintings, with their stark black on white messages, 
remind us of the power of typographic purity. 
- Robert Festino, Creative Director Men's Health

Until The Kingdom Comes 
By Simen Johan


All-American XIII
By Bruce Weber 

The Reluctant Father 
By Phil Toledano

Holy Bible

By Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

Everyone should own this book, which is a fascimile of a Bible with 
photographs from the Archive of Modern Conflict superimposed on its pages. 
Photographers and designers will both love it. Signed editions still available.
-Richard Turley, Creative Director Bloomberg Businessweek

House Industries 100 Postcards 
By House Industries 

Pantone Postcards
Forget those non-denominational holiday cards, pickup this box of Pantone 
Postcards instead. Your mom will love it, even if she still doesn't 
totally understand what you do for a living (She's a total Pantone 347). 
- Tim Leong, Design Director Fortune

The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings

By Nathan Williams

For those who love the design and photography of Kinfolk Magazine, this new cookbook from its creators is a must have.  Chocked full of beautiful photographs, essays, and tasty recipes, the book give you great inspiration for simple, stylish and soulful entertaining.
- Brian Anstey, Design Director InStyle

Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

by Chip Kidd
This book is written for kids and parents, and offers up an excellent introduction 
to graphic design, presented in Chip's own unique snarky voice. There are even 10 projects 
to work on at the end of the book, as if we don't have enough work on our plate!
- Todd Weinberger, Creative Director Inked

Barbie - For the Love of a Doll

By Gene Foote with Les Carr

The Big Book of Anorak

By Cathy Olmedillas

This compilation of greatest hits from Anorak magazine, the UK mag for kids, 
is packed with games, puzzles, cartoons, stories, brilliant illustration, and lots 
of general fun. Anorak is a smart, stylish, and highly kid-friendly 21st 
Century version of the old Highlights for Children. Best for kids under 10, 
but parents will love the design and artwork.
- Robert Newman, Newmanology

Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years

From Rizzoli


It's Modern.: The Eye and Visual Influence 
of Alexander Liberman

By Charles Churchward, former DD of Vogue

A biography and visual history of the longtime iconic editorial director of 
Conde Nast, by former Vogue design director Charles Churchward. Filled with 
images and covers from 40s-90s Vogue and other magazines. You'll love the 1930s 
covers of French magazine VU, art directed by Liberman himself.
- Robert Newman, Newmanology

Gym Class Magazine
Edited and designed by Steven Gregor, this "magazine about magazines" 
was described by Magculture as " a gloriously mad 32-page psychedelic 
comic book." It makes the perfect stocking stuffer!
-Robert Newman, Newmanology

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