A New Look for Latina Magazine

A New Look for Latina Magazine
SPD spoke with Ebelinda Antigua of Latina Magazine about the newly redesigned title. Take a look at the new design after the jump.

Latina Media Ventures is the authoritative voice for the acculturated community of Hispanic women living in the US. For 16 years and across multiple platforms, Latina provides unique, in-depth, culturally-relevant, engaging and inspiring content on key areas of interest: including beauty, food, entertainment, celebrity, fashion, parenting and health. With 3MM readers, Latina is the largest magazine edited by and for Latin women.  

For the redesign of Latina Magazine the overall goal of the creative team was to design a magazine to reflect a clean and inviting landscape that intrigues visually and editorally. 


The covers are designed to be impactful to create energy and excitement, using sophisticated typography and strong visual images with cutting edge fashion. 


The new creative direction has a sophisticated edge; the pacing of elements on pages are easier to follow from point A to B; the elevated graphic boldness of the photography and the cleanness of the grid create a strong visual voice in which to speak.

Creative Services Director  Ebelinda Antigua
Director of Photography  Annemarie Muscatella
Deputy Art Director  Franci Berman
Associate Photo Editor  Joanna Muenz
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