Inside the New ESPN Analytics Issue

Inside the New ESPN Analytics Issue
SPD recently got a peek of the new ESPN Analytics Issue, out on newsstands now.   Art director Keir Novesky gives us some insight into putting together this info packed issue. 

Developing a cohesive look and feel for themed issues always presents challenges. It was particularly difficult for our third annual Analytics issue, which focuses on what Nate Silver describes in his introductory essay as "dark matter": the invisible stuff of the sports universe--toughness, potential, chemistry and more--once thought to be unquantifiable. 

But though the concepts may be abstract, the lifeblood of the feature well is statistics. Whether we presented them as bold entry-points, intricate display or digestible infographics, the numbers tie the pages together. Their look dictated the design of the rest of the magazine. What's more, the statistics are not just window dressing or a data dump--they are signature ESPN the Magazine visuals that tell a compelling story. 

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In addition to the stats, dynamic images from photographers Dustin Snipes, Gregg Segal and Christopher Wilson, and strong illustrations from Eddie Guy, Sean McCabe, David Despau, Harry Campbell and more, make the issue feel complete and set the table for an exciting reader experience. We hope so, anyway.

Creative Director/VP, Print and Digital Media: John Korpics
Senior Director, Photography: Karen Frank
Senior Director, Design: Chin Wang
Senior Art Director: Jason Lancaster
Art Directors: Keir Novesky, John Yun
Associate Art Director: Munehito Sawada
Senior Designers: Christopher DeLisle, Linda Root Pouder, Paul Wallen
Senior Deputy Photo Editor: Nancy Weisman
Deputy Photo Editor: Jim Surber

ESPN The Magazine: The Analytics Issue on stands this Friday 2/21/14.

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