The SPD Magazine of the Year: 16 Years of Gold Winners

The SPD Magazine of the Year: 16 Years of Gold Winners
In 1997, SPD debuted the Magazine of the Year award, a best-of honor voted on by everyone who was a judge at the annual design competition. It is a recognition of the best magazine of the year, the one with the supreme all-around design, imagery, graphics, illustration, and general visual magic. The first winner was 2wice, art directed by Abbott Miller. In the years since, the list of winning magazines and art directors reads like a who's who of publication design: The New York Times Magazine, Details, GQ, Martha Stewart Kids, New York, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, and art directors Arem Duplessis, Janet Froelich, Fred Woodward, Patrick Mitchell, Debra Bishop, Luke Hayman, Rockwell Harwood, John Korpics, Richard Turley, and Scott Dadich. The Magazine of the Year is the ultimate SPD award, an acknowledgement by the visual community of the very best in publication design.

The finalists for Magazine of the Year for the upcoming Pub 49 awards are: AchtungBon AppetitNew YorkThe New York Times Magazine, and Wired. The winner will be announced at the glamorous SPD Gala in early May.

SPD 49 MOY Finalists.png

02.gifTo celebrate the Magazine of the Year, Huffington magazine's Troy Dunham has created this sparkling graphic (note that there are actually 20 Magazine of the Year winners, because three awards each were given in 2006 and 2007 in three circulation categories). Click the graphic (left) to see it full size.

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