Magazine of the Year Finalist #2: Bon Appetit

Magazine of the Year Finalist #2: Bon Appetit SPD49-icon-2_100.pngOn Friday, May 2, at the SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Magazine of the Year. Over the next two weeks we'll be running previews of each finalist, building up to the big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow @SPDtweets on Twitter with #SPD49.

The second of the five finalists for Magazine of the Year is Bon Appetit, creative director: Alex Grossman.

The Bon Appetit Team:

Creative Director: Alex Grossman
Art Director: Elizabeth Spiridakis
Deputy Art Director: Mike Ley
Designer: Tim McSweeney
Junior Designer: Alaina Sullivan
Photo Director: Alex Pollack
Photo Editor: Susan Getzandanner
Photo Assistant: Jacob Romoser
Production: Jim Gomez, Eliot Brady
Editor-in-Chief: Adam Rapoport

For more on the 49th Annual Awards, follow us on Twitter: @SPDTweets  #SPD49

Magazine of the Year Chair:
Robert Newman: @newmanology

PUB 49 Co Chairs: 
Alex Grossman, Creative Director: Bon Appétit
Cybele Grandjean, Partner: Ligature

PUB 49 Digital Chair: 
Scher Foord, Executive Director of Design: Condé Nast Technology

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