Student Portfolio Reviews on Wednesday: Last Chance!

Student Portfolio Reviews on Wednesday: Last Chance! If you're a student who's looking for magazine design internships or about to graduate and applying for jobs, there is no better event out there for you than tomorrow night's SPD-U Portfolio Reviews (Wednesday, April 9, 7-9pm). Our awesome design pros are NOT there to judge; they're there to help you create the best freakin' portfolio you can possibly make so you can GET those jobs and internships. 

So no matter if you've got piles of printouts, a carefully-crafted book or just some images on your iPad, we want to see it!! You're guaranteed to get reviews with at least 2 of our pros, and you'll also get hands-on tutorials for launching your own portfolio website with the super-easy-to-use site-builder You'll be walking outta there with all your portfolios in order! Sign up to reserve your spot now, pre-registration is required and ends at 5pm on Wednesday. Get all the details here.

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